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Boccondivino - A  Premier restaurant Boccondivino is located in Rome, the heart of the city, in a 16th century building, which has been accurately restored so that existing structures (among which four valuable columns made of Roman granite) have been successfully integrated with the need of cleaning and functionality of a modern place.

From furniture to service, every detail has been taken in care and prepared so as to offer an atmosphere of prestige and privacy but hospitable as well. This atmosphere is created by the nature itself of the two rooms, which in all can contain up to fifty guests due to their architecture.

Furthermore, dishes can be matched with wines selected from the prestigious labels kept in our cellar. All ingredients necessary for preparing our dishes are bought daily and we change our menus according to the season and to the availability of the products necessary, so that we can offer our clients the freshest and the most savory dishes.
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